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Young Citizenship Certificate (pack of 6)

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Item Number: 54002
8" x 10" Certificate to recognize and encourage youngsters who are honest, hard-working, helpful and fair. In practice, the Young Citizenship Award provides classroom teachers with an effective tool to further motivate promising students. It also provides Exchangites with an enjoyable opportunity to supply the encouragement that can be so vitally important in shaping the characters of youngsters at an impressionable time in their lives. 

The purpose of the Young Citizenship Award is to find and reward those students who work hard at being good citizens at home, at school, and in the community. They don’t shirk when there’s a job to be done. They cooperate with teachers and parents. They’re not necessarily at the top of their class, star athletes, or musical or artistic virtuosos. Still, they’re students you would be proud to have as sons or daughters.

The Young Citizenship Award program seeks to prove to these kids that good citizenship counts — to show them that their conduct and attitude is not only noticed and appreciated, but that it is also rewarded. Hopefully this kind of recognition at such an important stage in their development will encourage them to maintain a high standard of conduct as they mature and grow into adulthood.

Pack of 6.

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